Business VoIP Plans for the nbn* Network

Untimed Local & National 1800 Numbers 13/1300 Numbers Australian Mobiles International Min Month Charge
Included Free 35c untimed 15c per minute (billed per sec) From 2c per minute $10.00 per month

Port your existing number(s) is available upon request. POA
You pay $10 per month (which includes all untimed local and national calls)ÂÂ
We can supply single, blocks of 10 and 100 numbers upon request.
There is NO contract on these plans.
Hosted on 3cx on Network Voice and Data's Servers (More infomation - 3cx Brochure)

Add On's
Fax to Email$9.90 per month and $6.60 per extra number
DID$4.40 for a number supplied by NVD
DID$6.60 to port your existing number(s)

Example Unit Pricing:
The cost of making a two minute Standard National Mobile Call is $0.30.

Plan Notes:
  • Network Voice and Data will assign you a phone number that is local to the area in which you live.
    So when people from your local area call you, it will be a local call for them.
  • Calls from one Network Voice and Data Voice service to another are FREE.
  • Network Voice and Data Voice is a Business GradePremium Quality VoIP Service with all outgoing calls made via Premium Providers.
  • Network Voice and Data Voice for nbn™ is specifically designed to work with a nbn™ Service.
  • You will need additional hardware to use Network Voice and Data Voice. Network Voice and Data sells and supports the Cisco SPA112, PAP2T and SPA3102 Analogue Telephone Adapters (ATAs). These allow you to make and receive calls using a standard telephone (not supplied).
  • The Monthly Fee is charged monthly in advance and calls are charged at the end of the month.
  • Network Voice and Data Voice will not work well if your broadband Internet service is speed limited.
  • Priority Assistance is not available with this service.
  • Calls to 1223 cost $3.60 per call.
  • Calls to 190 Premium services are not available.
  • Calls to 000 are available
  • International Destinations tolling are available upon reuest
  • Some international destinations are not available due to toll fraud.
  • Your Network Voice and Data Voice Service will only be established after your nbn™ service has been installed and is operational.
  • You may supply a ATA or VoiP phone yourself, however Network Voice and Data doesn’t provide support or assistance and gives no assurance that it will work.
  • The service is provided on a self-install basis and you will need to plug in the hardware and your telephone yourself. An installer will not visit you.
  • You will need a spare network port on your broadband router to plug in the ATA. Please call us if you don’t have a router or a spare port.

    *nbn is trademake of NBN Co